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Conquering Heart Disease – Part 2

In the previous article on this topic I discussed what heart disease is and who is affected by it. In this article I want to focus on the signs and symptoms of heart disease, as well as risk factors, biomarkers, and how the disease is diagnosed. I mentioned previously that...
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Fibre – The Missing Nutrient

When we discuss diet, (the foods we eat on a daily basis), we are often discussing it in terms of essential nutrients – macro nutrients (such as carbohydrates, fats & proteins) and micronutrients (such as minerals and vitamins). Many health organisations around the world (the US Institute of Medicine, the...
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The Wholefoods Revolution

Why Wholefoods? Wholefoods is sometimes mentioned in nutrition and health circles as if it is some new trend, but for most of our evolutionary history wholefoods were the only show in town. So what are wholefoods? Wholefoods are foods that are as close to their natural state as possible. Examples...
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